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My Own Memory Lane

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does My Own Memory Lane cost?

We will create your My Own Memory Lane website for free and host it for 1 week so you can see if it will be beneficial. After your 1 week trial, we will send you an email with payment information. Should you choose to keep your My Own Memory Lane, the subscription fee is $2.99 per month. Payment is handled through Paypal, the highly secure online payment platform. Note that PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and DiscoverCard.

We recognize the financial hardship many dementia patients and their families are facing. In certain situations, payment accommodations can be made. Our goal is to help every individual who might benefit from our service, whether they can afford our service or not.

How many images can I use on my My Own Memory Lane website?

You can use up to 50 images, although we strongly recommend you use only the most significant 15-25 captioned images.

Are there restrictions on the images and captions I use for my My Own Memory Lane website?

Yes. We do not allow pornographic, obscene, or offensive content.

Will My Own Memory Lane respect my privacy?

Of course. We will not share any of your personal information with anybody. Ever. In fact, we do not collect any information from you other than your name, your email, your images, and your captions. We don't even collect payment information as payment is handled through Paypal,the secure online payment platform.

Is my personal information safe and secure?

Sorry, but we can't guarantee that. Please do not put confidential information on your My Own Memory Lane.

Can I update My Own Memory Lane with new captioned images?

Of course. When you register, you can add and delete images easily.

What if I forgot my password or want to change my password for My Own Memory Lane?

 To change your password, just login and click the Change Password link. If you forgot your password, click "Forgot your password? Click here." on the Login screen.

Do I have to have dementia to get My Own Memory Lane?

No. Everyone is welcome to use our service.

How do I cancel my My Own Memory Lane subscription?

Since payment is handled through Paypal, cancellations are also handled through Paypal. Click here for instructions on how to cancel a Paypal subscription.

I want My Own Memory Lane. What's the next step?

Just register here, upload your captions and files, and start enjoying My Own Memory Lane.

Email us at if you have additional questions, although please note that we offer minimal support.

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